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Avalon, New Jersey Information

Avalon, New Jersey Information

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Avalon, New Jersey.  The name alone conjures up images of sunny beaches, balmy breezes and waves lapping the shore.

Here's a little background and history on our wonderful seashore town:

Avalon is located on 7 Mile Island in Cape May County, New Jersey.  Thats the VERY bottom if you've never been here before.  Avalon is a seasonal resort, so summers are very busy and winters are very quiet.

Our town motto,  "Cooler by a mile" refers to the fact that Avalon sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean about a mile farther than other barrier island resorts. And it is also called "cooler by a mile" because it is one mile longer than Stone Harbor, which is three miles long. Avalon is four.

Avalon represents the northern half of 7 Mile Island, the jewel of the southern New Jersey coast.  You won't find another island anywhere nearby by that boasts the wide beautiful beaches, quiet residential neighborhoods and stunning architecture  Avalon does.

Avalon was not always dotted with vacation homes and people:

Some History

Originally known as "Seven Mile Beach", now 7 Mile Island (Avalon and Stone Harbor), the island was a thriving Juniper forest enjoyed by Lenni Lenape Native Americans before being purchased for 79 Pounds in 1722 by the Leaming family. 

For nearly 100 years they used the island as a cattle range and for its timber.

The island then changed hands a couple times through a couple real estate transactions before eventualy landing in the hands of the Seven Mile Beach Company in 1887.  By 1893 Avalon was up and running as a resort town.  The forests fell to houses and businesses. The huge dunes were flattened and the island became flat.  This allowed the railroads to begin coming into town filled with people eager to trade the heat in Philadelphia for those "Cooler by a Mile" breezes.

Today those breezes still blow just as they did then.  Avalon still calls to those further inland who want to enjoy its wide clean beaches.

These features make Avalon an excellent place to create seashore memories with friends and family year after year.